TV Shows I’d Like To See (ep 1)

Note: I wrote this in May 2020 (!) and left it languishing in drafts. I dunno why, but thought I’d post it today. I have a lot of stupid ideas. But some stupid ideas turn out to be good (I think Gandhi said that). So I might continue doing this.

Aside from the ones I’ve written myself, here are some TV shows I’d like to see.

UnREAL-style show that follows the struggles of a group of TikTok (or whatever is big by the time it gets greenlit – The Metaverse???) influencers in a hype house, trying to overcome typical teen problems – unrequited crushes, self-esteem issues, which filter to use, Xanax – in the glare of the social media spotlight. Sexy youths! Single location! Cheap! [I think this is actually a show now? But unscripted rather than scripted? Anyway, feels like this is an idea from a 1000 years ago now…] 

Alternate history drama in which Robert Kennedy doesn’t get shot, becomes President, pulls the US out of Vietnam, stops Watergate from ever happening, and America blossoms into a liberal utopia. How things might have been! Nonetheless, Nixon becomes the fan fave character.

The Devil, bored of running the underworld, leaves for New York to find love. In his absence, the worst people in history must figure out how to run the show without – wait for it – all Hell breaking loose. Sex and the City meets Hard to Be a God.

Hapless 40-something sad-sack Kyle wakes up one day to find himself transported back to the ’90s, where he can advise his teenage self on how not to make the mistakes that ruined his life. But then, I dunno, falls in love with his aunt or something. Nostalgia! Grunge! No mobile phones to fuck up plot contrivances! 

God’s a Republican, Jesus is a Democrat. Hilarity ensues.

A well-intentioned but naive female Prime Minister, forced to impose authoritarian rule on post-Brexit Britain when the country descends into anarchy, struggles to be a “good dictator”. House of Cards meets Great British Bake Off!

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