6 x 60′ Drama Series

Logline: In Sixties London, the managers of the Beatles, the Stones and the Who struggle to marry art and commerce in a bid to become the world’s biggest hitmakers.

Outline: Hitmakers follows the story of the key pop managers of the Sixties – Brian Epstein, Andrew Loog Oldham, Kit Lambert and Allen Klein – as they invent the modern music business. Beginning in 1963, when Epstein is turning the Beatles into the biggest stars the world has ever seen, the series tracks the untold behind-­the-­scenes story of Sixties pop up to 1967, when the dream begins to fall apart and commerce overtakes art.

Long-listed by the BBC Writers Room 2016.

“This is an immediately interesting and entertaining story – [exploring] a fascinating moment in pop culture history, written with an in-depth knowledge of the period, without ever feeling heavy handed. It’s a nice idea to tell the well-worn story of the Beatles from the perspective of their managers and irony and humour is generated by the fact that we know they became a global phenomenon, yet no-one in this story knows that yet.”

– BBC Writers Room

Read the first 10 pages: HITMAKERS