About Me

The Long Version

I started out in music journalism, on staff at the NME and freelance for the likes of the Guardian, The Word, Uncut and Frieze. I then moved into PR, working with European startups including Last.fm and SoundCloud, before joining the BBC as a digital publicist. I am currently Head of Brand Engagement & Multimedia Strategy at innovations advisory Stylus, writing and commissioning reports on culture, advertising and tech for a brand audience. I have been developing my screenwriting over the past five years, reaching the longlist of the BBC Writersroom twice: with my script Hitmakers, a TV pilot about the managers of the Beatles, Stones and Who; and with Running London, a crime drama following a tech-savvy teen who takes on the old school crimelords running London’s drugs business. Regarding the latter, the BBC said: 

“This is a very well-constructed script written by someone who has clearly put a great deal of effort in to understanding how to craft an hour long TV spec. Structurally it’s solid and the idea of tech savvy youths against powerful crime lords to control drugs in London is a fresh and current idea.”

BBC writersroom